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FAQ and Debugging


To deploy your own rollup on the Astria Devnet on your local machine, check out the instructions here!

To deploy your own rollup on the Astria Devnet using Digital Ocean, check out the instructions here!


Endpoints for the remote cluster are the following:

EVM JSON RPCrpc.evm.dusk-3.devnet.astria.org34.160.214.22
EVM Block Explorerexplorer.evm.dusk-3.devnet.astria.org34.111.167.16
EVM Faucetfaucet.evm.dusk-3.devnet.astria.org130.211.4.120
Sequencer RPCrpc.sequencer.dusk-3.devnet.astria.org34.111.73.187
Sequencer Faucetfaucet.sequencer.dusk-3.devnet.astria.org34.36.8.102

Software Versions

The latest Devnet (dusk-3) runs the following software versions:

Install the latest Astria cli

Clone the Astria dev-cluster

git clone --branch dusk-3

Install the latest astria cli

curl -L > astria-cli.tar.gz
tar -xvzf astria-cli.tar.gz

You'll also need to install the following tools:


There is a bug in the latest Docker desktop release for MacOS
Please install the following release:
For more details see here

Manually Fetch Sequencer Block Height

Sequencer Block Height

The initial sequencer block height is automatically fetched and set (if not manually specified) when creating the rollup config.

You can manually retrieve it with the astria-cli:

astria-cli sequencer blockheight get

If you need to set this to a different value you can set it as an an environment variable:


Or use the following flag when running the astria-cli rollup config create command below:

--sequencer.initial-block-height <INITIAL_SEQUENCER_BLOCK_HEIGHT>

Loadbalancer Information

You can retrieve the kubernetes service for your loadbalancer with

kubectl get svc -n ingress-nginx
NAME                                 TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)                      AGE
ingress-nginx-controller LoadBalancer 80:31623/TCP,443:31357/TCP 57s
ingress-nginx-controller-admission ClusterIP <none> 443/TCP 57s

You can check that the loadbalancer is working by making a curl request

# use the EXTERNAL-IP from the result above

This should return the nginx 404 page

<head><title>404 Not Found</title></head>
<center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center>

Ingress Information

You can check the kubernetes ingress resource for your rollup with:

kubectl get ingress -n astria-dev-cluster