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Dev-Cluster Overview


To deploy your own rollup on the Astria Dusknet devnet, check out the instructions here!

Astria's Shared Sequencer Network allows multiple rollups to share a single decentralized network of sequencers that’s permissionless to join. This shared sequencer network provides out-of-the-box censorship resistance, fast block confirmations, and atomic cross-rollup inclusion guarantees.

The Astria dev-cluster is the collective stack of all of Astria's components packaged together using Kubernetes. While we generally refer to Astria as the network of shared sequencers, we provide several other components to make it simpler to integrate with the shared sequencer network. The dev-cluster is provided to make developing and testing the Astria network, as well as integrations with Astria, as simple as possible.


The primary use of the dev-cluster is running the full stack completely locally. There are elements of it that are used for running a local rollup that connects to the remote dev-net, but those will be discussed in another section.

See the dev-cluster repo here.

Running the Dev Cluster Locally


You will need to pull both the dev-cluster and astria-web3 repos from our github.

Install the necessary dependencies and tools listed for each repo:

For contract deployment:



Make sure that Docker is running before deploying with just.

To deploy the Astria Sequencer and a local DA, open a terminal in the dev-cluster directory and run the commands:

# Deploys ingress + Sequencer + local DA
just deploy-astria-local

This may take a minute or two if this the first time you are deploying as quite a few containers need to be downloaded. Once the command completes, all elements of the dev-cluster will be up and running. This does not run a rollup, block explorer, or faucet.

You can now deploy a rollup.